Your business onboarding in less than 30 minutes

Avoid delays and get your account up and running in less than one day! The whole application process in 8 easy - electronic steps.

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Start by opening your user account with Zillion

This is the account you will use to login to Zillion and start creating your companies' accounts. To open your account we will need to verify your email and mobile phone only.


Login to your dashboard and create your company 

Press "Add Company" and provide your company name and country of registration. You can register as many companies as you want and control them through the same Zillion account.


Provide the company general information 

You will be asked to provide  the company trading name, registration number, registration date, company type, country and base currency.


Provide the company registered and trading addresses

This info includes the company registered address and the company primary trading address which we will need to verify.


Provide the company trading information 

Provide us with the business description, activity, websites, customer profile, volume of transactions and contact info.


Verify the company key persons              

Verifying the ID and selfie of the user, the directors and any person holding more than 25% of the company is easy and fast.


Provide any additional info you wish or requested

If asked please submit any document in electronic format which you deem is important to help us verify the company and the nature of its business.


Submit your application and wait for our review

Submit your application and wait for our review. We will be sending you updates on your email to let you know the status of your application and if we need any additional information.

Get your Zillion Business Account now